Let's Work Together for Better

We're hiring! COMMANDtech is searching for people that are passionate about what they do. You can apply here if you have a passion for technology, design, engineering, construction, marketing or start-ups. Simply complete the application form for the designation for which you are qualified.

Our Recruitment Process

  • HR Interaction

  • Technical Shortlisting

  • Practical Assessment

  • Consistent Excellence

Life at COMMANDtech

Take it from us: working in the digital world isn’t always easy, but working with the right people is.

  • Flat Organization Structure: It is the talents, not the designations, that matter to us in order to be heard.
  • Empowering team with the best training & tools: Every employee is encouraged to be a leader and to be creative.
  • Lively work space: We make certain that our staff never have a dull day at work.